About us

distinctive by quality 

Our range of flower bulbs consists of lilies, tulips, gladioli, hyacinths and other types of flower bulbs. We supply our bulbs mainly to growers, professionals who produce flowers for the flower market. We are located in the northwestern part of Holland in the center of the tulip, gladiolus and lily cultivation area, about 50 km north of Amsterdam.

Originally Boots is a cultivation company, which started end of the nineteenth century (1895) with a few hectares of tulips and gladiolus. In the nineteen eighty years of the last century we started with the export of flower bulbs and the grow was so big that after a few years we decided to separate the Export and the cultivation, and Thijs Boots Bulb Export was born. At this moment the fourth generation leads  the company and that means there is a lot of experience and knowhow in the company. We think marketing wise, focus on delivering the best possible quality products, and as extra value we deliver product information, knowhow and good service. Nearly all our employees have a bulbs background as well, so you may expect we do our job well.

Most important countries for us now are Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Romania, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Mexico, Northern Africa and several countries in the Middle East.

We buy our bulbs for the bigger part at professional growers in the neighbourhood with whom we have long term relationships. The advantage is that we know what quality we buy, and a good product is of the highest importance for our professional clients. Soon after the harvest the flower bulbs are standard controlled by experienced people in our company. The norm is highly graduated (export quality). The storage and packaging are done in our own company buildings and the preparations are being done in high qualified, computer controlled rooms.

We try to deliver the best flower bulbs for a reasonable price and that must be possible with our accommodation and experience.

At your service!!!!!